Upcoming Meetings and Education Offerings
January 7-October 31, 2019
Below is a schedule of upcoming Meetings and Education Offerings from the California Chapter. For more information, please call the Chapter Office at (209) 368-3672.

Outlook 2019 Agribusiness Conference - April 23 - 25, 2019 / Sacramento

Introduction to Cannabis Operations Valuation Seminar (New!) - April 23, 2019 / Sacramento

Valuing Rural America Seminar (New!) - April 24, 2019 / Sacramento

Best Appraisal Approaches - May 7 - 9, 2019 / Fresno

Integrated Approaches to Value (A304) - Fall 2019 / Monterey

Valuation of Cold Storage and Packing House Facilities (Updated!) - Fall 2019 / Monterey
Introduction to Cannabis Operations and Valuation Seminar
April 23, 2019
The Introduction to Cannabis Operations and Valuation seminar is designed to introduce students to basic terminology, processes, and methods of valuing a cannabis operation with emphasis on real property valuation. Students will learn about the various legal and land use regulations pertaining to this unusual commodity (both State and Federal) and about the importance of a well-prepared and well-written Highest and Best Use analysis. Discussion will include the potential challenges and common pitfalls of valuing special use facilities with a focus on understanding key components and commonalities found in most cannabis operations. The seminar will enable students to successfully identify and understand variations in growing methods and facilities associated with medicinal, recreational and industrial hemp; review actual construction costs for a well-prepared RCN analysis; and understand what analysis is necessary for the production of a credible and supported opinion of value.
Instructor: JoAnn Wall, ARA
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
$249 Members/$299 Non-members
8 hours CE pending with BREA and NRED.

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Download: Outlook 2019 Conference Brochure.pdf
Valuing Rural America Seminar
April 24, 2019
Explore new concepts in this urban versus rural appraisal environment. Issues arise when sales are utilized to value a property rather than comparable sales and long-standing land mix analysis. A genesis of the land mix methodology will be presented and new concepts regarding land mix will be introduced and thoroughly explained and demonstrations of new processes will be applied to various property types. This session also provides an overview of the new educational and practical textbook, produced by the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers.
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Instructor: Justin Bierschwale, ARA, MAI
8 hours CE approved with ASFMRA, BREA and NRED.

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Download: Outlook 2019 Conference Brochure.pdf
Outlook 2019 Agribusiness Conference - Trade Tariffs and Water Woes
April 25, 2019
Join the California Chapter, ASFMRA for the Outlook 2019 Agribusiness Conference and release of the 2019 Trends in Agricultural Land and Lease Values Report. Program Sessions include:
Dairy Update - Anja Radabaugh / Western United Dairymen
Tree Nut Update - Jim Zion / Meridian Growers
Citrus Update - Joel Nelsen / California Citrus Mutual
Global Economy - Outlook for US and Calfornia Agriculture / Dr. Matt Roberts
Land Trends Update - Janie Gatzman, ARA and Tiffany Holmes, ARA
Ag Policy Update - Tricia Geringer
Water Update - Chris Peacock / AQUAOSO

7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
$220 Members / $270 Non-members
6 hour CE approved with ASFMRA and BREA. Pending with NRED.

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Download: Outlook 2019 Conference Brochure.pdf
Basic Appraisal Approaches
May 7-May 9, 2019
This course is designed as a refresher and basic overview of the three approaches and highest and best use that will benefit appraisers and users of appraisals. The course is excellent for individuals with some real estate appraisal background and practitioners in other real estate fields such as finance, sales, government or others who want a broader knowledge of the rural appraisal process in addition to reinforcing their understanding of appraisal fundamentals. This course is good knowledge for the non-appraisers that will be reviewing appraisals for lending institutions and for appraisers who need a refresher in basic rural appraisal.

$579 Members / $649 Non-members

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Download: Appraisal Trainings Flyer_Reg Form.pdf

Outlook 2018 - Trends in Agriculural Land and Lease Values - Janie Gatzman, ARA and Tiffany Holmes, ARA

Outlook 2018 - Nut Industry Update - Mel Machado

Outlook 2018 - Cannabis Cultivation Update - Richard Parrott

Outlook 2018 - California Water Issues Facing Agriculture in 2018 and Beyond - Gary Sawyers

Outlook 2018 - Building the Winegrape Supply Puzzle - Nat DiBuduo, AFM

Outlook 2018 - Agricultural Labor - Patrick Zelaya Presentation

      Photos courtesy
      of Ken Dodderer
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