Valuation of Lease Interests Seminar
May 12, 2021
This seminar will address issues related to developing and completing appraisals of leasehold and leased fee interests in agricultural real property, with a focus on the long-term interests created by development leases involving orchards and vineyards. The goal is to provide students an understanding of relevant issues, common leasing terms and practices, the goals of the parties to a lease, analysis of data, and the generally accepted methodology for the appraisal of the interests created by a lease. The presentation will address the traditional “textbook” approach to the valuation of lease interests as well as the methods that have been developed and are commonly applied by the agricultural appraiser’s peers. Comparison of these approaches will illustrate the differences, the reasons for the industry’s adoption of an alternate approach, and the value in using the traditional methodology as an aide in understanding the market. Register on-line
Download: Lease Interests - May 2021 Brochure.pdf

There are currently no past presentations to display. Please check back again soon.

      Photos courtesy
      of Ken Dodderer
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